Play At The Core partners with youth development organizations that:

  • View play as a critical component of their programming;
  • Believe in the strength and potential of their community;
  • Confront complex challenges that affect their work;
  • Value interactive approaches to ongoing development;
  • Crave collaboration that respects their unique context;
  • Believe innovation is key to improving quality.

A Play At The Core partnership catalyzes meaningful and lasting change through the following services: 

Program Assessments – We generate multi-dimensional program evaluations to highlight program strengths, and offer research-based recommendations to enhance quality. This process allows organizations to better understand their impact and challenges.


Strategic Program Planning – We develop opportunities for program leaders to connect with key stakeholders to define or refine program mission, promote alignment with operations, and identify key metrics to ensure desired outcomes.


Leadership Development – We partner with program leaders in the ongoing development of professional development workshops, coaching, and resources for their unique contexts. Leaders develop both technical and adaptive skills while creating program supports that are more interactive, empowering, and goal-oriented.


Talent Solutions – We provide important continuity in program administration and help fill critical administrative vacancies for organizations running ongoing youth programming. Through both short-term and extended assignments, our team continues to build capacity and key infrastructure to ensure program quality during staff transitions.


Experiential Learning Seminars – We create highly interactive professional development experiences that fuel program growth. We blend play-based and adult learning approaches to promote collaboration, discovery, and program innovation.


Hands-On Mentorship and Coaching – We offer one-on-one consultation with key organizational staff to enhance support, refine program approaches, share feedback, and promote ongoing development.


Collaborative Resource Creation – We design customized tools that collect and organize strategies and expertise around pressing issues. By co-creating with partners, we ensure that resources take action on key challenges with immediate impact.