Shouts from the Huddle: Expanding How We Build Relationships

Shouts from the Huddle: Expanding How We Build Relationships

Last week Play At The Core hosted the third “Community Huddle,” which focused on the theme of building relationships with youth, even when we can’t be in the same physical spaces. Youth development leaders from diverse programs around the world discussed what is “at the core” of how they’ve always built connections with youth in their programs, and how they are adapting these strategies today.

From the conversations, and the activities, experiences, and behaviors that were shared, five key themes emerged that underscore how youth development practitioners are building on their previous work to strengthen relationships amidst these new challenges: 

  1. Now, More Than Ever, Lead with Strengths
  2. Meet Kids Where They Are Right Now
  3. Build Community Despite Distance
  4. Talk (Even) Less, and Listen (Even) More
  5. Use the Challenges of the Moment to Keep Learning

Curious to hear more about what these ideas could look like in practice? Detailed insights and learnings are available to access in out Community Huddle takeaways resource document here.

What’s next for PATC’s “Community Huddles”?

The next “Community Huddle” will take place Wednesday, May 13th and focus on the balance and boundaries we’re all negotiating right now. The one-hour video workshop will start at 12:30pm EST and is called, “Balancing the Professional and Personal While Running Programs From Home.” Learnings and insights will be posted on PATC’s website and other social media platforms.

Know someone who works with children that would benefit from participating in PATC “Community Huddles”? Just email for more information! 

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