Our Impact

Stronger Organizations, Inspired Practitioners, Thriving Children


Save Resources, Sustain Quality

Our partnerships are tailored to promote greater organizational alignment between mission and operations, saving precious resources and creating more sustainable program quality.

A five-year case study reported an average program quality increase of nearly 7% for EACH year of Play At The Core partnership. The results (seen in the graphs), compare program quality for Play At The Core partners against similar programs nationwide. Play At The Core far outpaces the national average for program quality improvement.

“Play At The Core captures the spirit of social work — looking to leverage organizational strengths and capacities to make progress. They are a catalyst for organizations to engage in transformative work.”

– Dr. Linda Lausell Bryant,
Silver School of Social Work, New York University

“I highly recommend Play At The Core as a critical piece of any strategy to promote quality in programs for children.”

– Dr. Jeanne L. Reid
Teachers College, Columbia University


Less Turnover, Stronger Program Culture

By building connections and being responsive to practitioner needs, we mirror the same trauma-informed approaches that guide great youth work. As a result, practitioners feel more valued, supported, and connected to each other; more capable and innovative in their work with youth; and more inspired by their own power to make real, lasting change. This translates to less workforce turnover and stronger program culture.

“A new teacher shared with me that their experience with Play At The Core coaching was the best support they’ve received in the classroom. The coach was supportive and celebrated strengths, while helping to identify where the teacher wanted to improve.”

– Program Director, Bronx, NY

“I’ve gotten side-tracked and I’m grateful for this opportunity to revisit, re-evaluate, and remind myself of my real purpose for working with children.”

– Educator, Harlem, NY


Better Outcomes, Thriving Kids

The ultimate goal. By prioritizing supportive relationships and an empowered approach to development, Play At The Core’s greatest impact is the change our partners see in their youth. Our work results in improved developmental, social, and academic outcomes for the children they serve.

“I’ve seen incredible growth in our children through Play At The Core. Our program results this year were better than they’ve ever been!”

– Program Director, Brooklyn, NY

“Because of Play At The Core, I saw a dramatic shift in teachers’ ability to connect with students. By the end of the year, there were significant spikes in students’ language and social emotional development.”

  – Education Director, Bronx, NY

Our Impact photo header showing a volunteer leading a girl through writing exercises