Innovative Partnership: Play At The Core Collaborates with Social Justice Network

Innovative Partnership: Play At The Core Collaborates with Social Justice Network

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We are thrilled to unveil a pioneering alliance between Play At The Core (PATC) and the Social Justice Network (SJN). This partnership comes at a pivotal moment, as SJN is gaining widespread recognition for its innovative advocacy and programming in support of formerly incarcerated individuals. Together, we aim to codify SJN’s Re-Entry Assistance Program, leveraging the power of play to drive transformative change and healing as individuals come home to their communities and families. 

Spotlight on Social Justice Network

SJN’s mission is to craft a platform that enlightens, empowers, and elevates communities affected by the criminal legal system. Their strategy pivots on transforming communities impacted by mass incarceration through tech-centric educational tools. SJN’s holistic approach to reentry aims to bridge the support void for the growing population with conviction records. The indomitable spirit and vision of SJN’s founder, Terrence Coffie, deserve special mention. His advocacy and grassroots mobilization have been pivotal in redefining re-entry and addressing the ramifications of mass incarceration.

A Fusion of Expertise for Nationwide Impact

This collaboration offers a unique opportunity to support the codification of SJN’s Re-Entry Assistance Program design and implementation. Merging PATC’s expertise in play-based healing with SJN’s cutting-edge re-entry strategies, we aim to create a holistic, tech-driven program that can be easily replicated and scaled to benefit communities nationwide. Together, we’ll curate workshops employing hands-on techniques to tackle challenges encountered by formerly incarcerated individuals. These sessions will emphasize life skill development, emotional resilience cultivation, and community assimilation.

We’re buzzing with anticipation about the transformative potential of this collaboration. To learn more, or to find out how you can support, please contact us.