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VIRTUALLY Incredible

A new digital workshop to make classrooms VIRTUALLY Incredible!

This last year has created intense challenges for teachers and students alike. Here at Play At The Core, we want you to know: You’re not alone.

  • Are you an early childhood, primary, or middle school teacher?
  • Do you dread getting online every day to run your virtual program? 
  • Have you been feeling disconnected from your students? Uninspired in your work?

As millions of teachers and families discovered this fall, learning virtually is hard. For many students, it’s difficult to engage with classmates and participate in class. For many teachers, it’s difficult to help struggling students and form solid relationships with only video, chat and email. Exhausted parents-turned-tutors, especially those trying also to work from home, say it’s not sustainable. 

Unfortunately, solutions are not readily at hand.”

– USA Today

Richards, Erin. “’This Is Hell’: Parents and Kids Hate Online Learning, but They Could Face More of It.” USA Today, Gannett Satellite Information Network, 29 June 2020,

Until now. These changes continue to prove challenging, but to be successful, we have to find ways to leverage what made our classroom programs so powerful to begin with: connection, creativity, and fun. 

Since March of 2020, Play At The Core has been designing virtual programs and supporting teachers, clinicians, and other youth development professionals to adapt their work online. This Fall, Play At The Core has teamed up with Jays Care, who themselves have been leading virtual camps, clubs, sports, and afterschool programming for more than 12,000 children and youth. 

Together, we’ve tested, failed, adapted, adjusted, and succeeded in creating virtual programming that inspires teachers, youth development professionals, children, and parents alike to engage. Now we are ready to share that learning. This workshop and its accompanying resources have been designed to help teachers enhance their confidence in creating virtual programs that:

Safe and Fun

Build Relationships and Community

Motivate Students to Engage and Learn

Enhance Learning and Development

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