The Results Are In!

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The Results Are In!

Virtual Programming Efficacy

In our January Newsletter, we called on past partners, team members, and community members to share their feedback on how Play At The Core’s work has changed over the last two years. The responses shined a light on how we worked with our partners in developing programming, the quality of our delivery using virtual platforms, and the ultimate impact of our efforts. We want to thank everyone who shared their insights with us, as we continue to adapt our work to better meet the challenges of this moment. 

Partnership Development with Play At The Core

Partners told us how pleased they were with our process of goal-setting as well as our adaptability and creativity to meet challenges as they arose. Given the ever-evolving context for our organizational partners over the last two years, the ability to accommodate our work and meet them where they were became more important than ever. Going forward, we are excited to think more deeply with our partners about how we can better collaborate in the design and delivery of our work – this can continue to ensure our work is tailored to fit partner needs, and better promote the sustainability of the work we do together.

“PATC provides an unprecedented level of support and attention to their partners. PATC always went above and beyond, even if it meant stepping outside of their comfort zone, they made it work. They are professional, personable, committed, and highly motivated.”

Partners shared with us that PATC’s virtual programming throughout the last two years provided an important platform to build relationships despite a shared sense of isolation, and process evolving challenges. Hybrid work is here to stay, and PATC will continue to develop innovative virtual programming that uses activities and question-driven dialog to explore the challenges that matter most to our partners. We aspire to create digital content that is every bit as engaging as our in-person work, and even more effective at building community across geographies. 

“[Work with PATC is] an awe-inspiring experience, where I feel confident to express my ideas, doubts, and struggles while being supported in thinking through the possibilities in overcoming adversities and achieving success.”


The Impact of our Workforce Recovery Work

We were excited to learn more from our partners about the ultimate impact of our work together. More than anything else, we heard that our work together:

  1. Clarifies challenges and develops new shared strategies, 
  2. Inspires our partners to create change in their work
  3. Promotes our partners’ own professional thriving

Even with this enthusiastic endorsement, we were thrilled to learn that 78% believe that their work with PATC improved outcomes for the children and communities they work with. Especially given the ongoing challenges that are impacting youth development, and the helping professions more broadly, we were most proud to see that 67% believe that their work with PATC helped to cultivate a stronger organizational culture; and 80% believe that their work with PATC contributed to a decrease in workforce turnover.